Tuesday, February 7, 2012


There can never be a more pleasant and surprising day for Team EyeforDIY than today... It's the last day of the semester and the sun is shining oh so beautifully. Good omen, right? Right!

The results of the blogger challenge has finally been released and IT IS WITH IMMENSELY GREAT PLEASURE that we announce *drumrolls*...

that EyeforDIY has been crowned TOP BLOG of the RP Blogger Challenge! That's right, us folks here are one of the two blogs that has managed to clinch the best in cohort prize with our awe-inspiring theme!

Team EyeforDIY shocked beyond words by our win! Sweet, sweet success!

This amazing feat wouldn't have been possible without our dear readers! From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank all of you for your continued support :D We would also like to thank our mentors, Ms Amy Khoo and Mr Raoul LeBlond for their guidance and last, but not least, the judges who have taken the time to visit our blog.

On a final note, we would like to wish all our readers a happy semester break! Cheers, xoxo!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Li Jun Dishes Out; Unique Buys from Bangkok and More!

EyeforDIY is more than thrilled to bring you in today’s interview segment a fashion traveler! If you are going on a trip with Hoe Lijun, be prepared for an unexpected quest.The 21 year-old student shows us how we, as DIY-ers, can exhibit our skills, and hunt for the cheapest DIY loots in the most unexpected places. (FYI: for those new to the DIY-sphere, DIY loots refer to DIY finds or buys.)

Tell us more about yourself.
HLJ: I love exploring new places and, of course, traveling overseas. I like to search for photos of a certain country or place and admire its amazing architecture that we cannot see in Singapore. Tumblr is one good platform!

Why do you travel?
HLJ: I travel to relax, and get away from busy lifestyle in Singapore. Like mentioned, I love exploring new places. Also, I travel to see the different cultural norms in the other countries. Like recently, I went to Bangkok and found truckloads of interesting apparels!

What are your greatest finds?
HLJ: At the top level of Platinum (in Bangkok), they have a couple of shops that sell DIY loots and they are very cheap!

At Chatuchak (in Bangkok) – they also sell many handmade/DIY items, cellphone chains with perfect colour combination that you cannot find anywhere here.

Recommend us some places in Bangkok for some unique buys?
HLJ: Platinum, Chatuchak and this night market near the hotel I stayed (Citin Pratum Hotel)

Tell us what are you wearing?
HLJ: Grey cardigan: friend’s blogshop; Whitealley.blogspot.com
Short: Bangkok, Platinum $4
White tank top: cotton on (2 for $30)

What is your take on fashion?
HLJ: I feel that simple is the best. I must feel comfortable in whatever I wear. There is no point wearing a very nice, sexy dress that you are uncomfortable in, and risk feeling insecure for the whole day.

What is your style?
HLJ: I love dressing in very simple outfits. During my lazy days, I will just wear a tank top with high-waist shorts OR jeans. If I go to a party, I will wear a simple black dress with lace OR a tribal dress. Simple as that!

Share with us your weirdest buying experience?
HLJ: When I was in Bangkok, there was this really unique black dress with a sash. The person told us it costs roughly 1200 baht (S$48) at first and we thought that it was really expensive, given the quality and that the place in Bangkok. So we’d decided against buying it and walked away.

But the shop aunty called us back and said in broken English. “Now change to 200 baht (S$8). Okay?"

Although the price has become way lower than the initial one, I was upset because it’s very obvious that she was trying to cheat tourists’ money.

Can you give our readers advice on how to source for interesting apparels during our travels?
HLJ: Don’t always go to tourist spots as the items there will often be more expensive. Google and do your research on their local shopping heaven! Don’t forget to search for related forums to see others’ comments and views regarding the places.

And most importantly, don’t be afraid to explore! You will never know: the shops located along the dark alleys might have the best thrift finds.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Blog Collaborations

Hi there DIY-ers! Just incase you havent noticed, we've added a new section in the side bar called "Blog Collaborations". That's right we'll be doing various tie-ups with the blogs listed. Do anticipate more exciting and enriching updates from us. What can you expect from these collaborations? Read on to find out more!

1) The Style School

Who are they?
The Style School is a blog founded by 5 beautiful girls who have a passion for makeup and fashion. Through this blog, they will be sharing fashion and make up tips and ideas that will make the most out of your dollar!

What can readers expect from our future collaborations?
We will be featuring a make up, nail and beauty care tips the DIY way using natural ingredients.


2) WanderlustSG

Who are they?
WanderlustSG is a travel blog founded by 5 ladies. Through this blog, they will be uncovering the hidden gems in our sunny little island. Who says Singapore is boring eh? Not these girls of course!

What can readers expect from our future collaborations?
The team from WanderlustSG will be going round Singapore to source out for the hidden DIY stores and we will be featuring the items from those stores in our posts!


Hey Reality Shifters!

Who are they?
Hey Reality Shifters! is an youth blog that features a variety of categories like Sports, Fashion, Gaming, Music and Food that is featured on a fix day weekly. Founded by 5 students from Republic Poly, they aim to provide readers with interesting and fresh content everyday of the week.

What can readers expect from our future collaborations?
We will be partnering with Edible Friday writer, Zakiah to produce special food recipes in light of the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Watch as we unravel different aspects of DIY-thrifting!

Coming up next: our exclusive Christmas theme (sneak preview)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Team EyeforDIY goes shopping!

Ahoy there! Today the team from Eyefor DIY will bring our readers out to a special shopping trip! Christmas is around the corner and what better way to celebrate the joyous occasion by making Christmas DIY goodies for yourself or your loved ones!

With that, the team has decided to make a trip down to Bukit Panjang Plaza to get the necessities and ingredients for our 4 special upcoming gift projects with a budget under $20. Think it's impossible? Well read on to find out ;)

The first stop of day will be Daiso.

As their tagline suggests, all the products at Daiso are affordably priced at only $2. You can find ribbons, artificial flowers, cups, snacks, hardware, festive decorations... the list goes on! For budget-conscious, shopping-crazed girls, Daiso is the one-stop shop to head to when it comes to stocking up.

Our next stop will be Popular

The famous local bookstore provides an array of quality stationery, books and magazines to choose from. With a branch at any shopping mall near you, it is accessible and definitely go-to for students.

And our final stop for the day is... NTUC Fairprice!

With an assortment of home products and groceries to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice. For those looking for a convenient alternative to cooking from scratch, Fairprice provides pre-made or ready meals you can pick up after a long day at school or the office.

You guys must be wondering what were the items that we bought. So here’s a roundup of our purchases:

1) Artificial Flowers from Daiso $2

2) Arrange Wire from Daiso $2

3) Red Ribbon with Gold Trimming from Popular $2

4) Multi-purpose craft glue from Popular $1.50

5) Acrylic nails set from Daiso $2

6) A cork board from Daiso$2

7) Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix from Fairprice $5.20

8) Cookie Cutter from Daiso $2

Total Expenditure: $18.70 (Told ya')

To find out what we have in store for you in the 4-part Christmas gift projects, do stay tuned! We’ll be back!~

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Food as Fashion: Yay or Nay?

By: Nur Nabillah
Looks like Lady Gaga’s outrageous meat dress inspired people as much as it gained criticism. At Berlin´s Fashion week in Germany, food designer Roland Trettl had jumped into the bandwagon and unveiled several weird food fashion costumes making a statement on art, culture, fashion and food.

The collaborative effort made by Trettyl and his compatriot photographer Helge Kirchberger features a collection of skirts and dresses made of seaweed, collars of octopuses or caul fat, and tops made of chocolate.

One must wonder, what happens to the food after the exhibition ends?
“Most of the food was not simply thrown away,” museum director Lieselotte Kugler said of the photo shoots.
“The octopus is cooked three to four hours until it’s tender and the pasta can be boiled. Then everyone sits down and has a feast.”
Now personally, as a fashion and food enthusiast I am against the use of edible food for the creation of frivolous items. If designers want to take inspiration from food to construct art objects or style shoots they could make use of other alternatives that do not involve the waste of food.
There are so many other creative ways in which fashion and food can be combined without having to waste resources. Take Jason Wu, whose latest Spring 2011 collection was inspired by a plate of pasta with truffle shavings. The designer was inspired and mesmerized by the beautiful colours and textures on his plate that he had to take pictures of it, and the end result is a delicious and very tasteful collection. And nope, no pasta was used and wasted in the process ;)

Read original article: here